Friday, June 29, 2012

Oracle Reading and Frequency Shift

For best growth from a personal oracle reading or frequency shift here are the most opportunistic questions: If I keep on this path what will I find happens in (ex: career, friendship, health, love, etc).  What patterns no longer serve me.  Where is my strength.   The Infinite knows no linear time so timing in an oracle reading can be dicey.  This is where trust must play into the reading.   Some events are simply not shown to me based on your own growth and you always have free will.  And when you make an emotional leap of faith after a reading this will shift the reading outcome, too. 

So what’s best?  Resonating with your very own intuition after I show you the way the Infinite sees you… yes, you will hear a plethora of predictions from me and YOU must gain trust in your own intuition to feel out which journey is going to suit you.   Highly entertaining and that’s what life should be.  The more relaxed you are the biggest you believe in me the more clear a reading will be to you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

poetic tarot reading w mama shango

for those of you wanting to add a bit of mystery to your flight on earth here, i am so happily introducing my poetic skills into a tarot reading.  my poetry can be read with this blog at mama shango.  all of my poems are encrypt messaging from the universe and these poems are not written, they are channeled (quite pleasantly might i add).  this poem comes from a Shaman journey and the clues MUST be followed or no more advice is given (unlike an angel tarot reading where regardless of your decisions the angels still love you).  Here's how it works, I channel a poem for you - the time frame in a shaman journey cannot be determined - and then you need to open your awareness to the universe and start watching for the keys given in the poem.  you keep moving forward and allow the universe to show you a story of your life and your next steps to discovering who you are.  the cost is $99 and the poem will be emailed to you once I receive it from the Infinite.

Groovy, right.
Love should be undamaging-
Mama Shango

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Believe in You.

Spiritual healing takes place the moment you realize you want to feel better in life. That specific moment when you light heartedly know that you want to feel better in life. What occurs in that fantastic moment is a connection from your highest self to an all knowing and all loving universe... so then what? I can sort of feel that I'm reaching for something lighter and better for me... now what? There are many vehicles to help transport you to that place of inner peace and tranquility and well beingness of being simply, YOU. A feeling better you. The first vehicle is belief, you are about to truly believe in yourself. Truly believe that each moment of each day is presented to you and for you as a creation to finding you at your most well being. Sometimes the catalyst can be going for an Oracle Reading with a psychic or angel reader... we see you very differently than you see yourself. We believe the system we use, be it tarot cards, angel cards, divination with crystals or shaman journeys, we truly know that you are capable of what our divination process is showing. At first you, the recipient, gasps... no, that's not me. Then we wonder, why are you here? Oh yes, you are here to find out how you can feel better in life. Belief that you are the writer, the painter, the child counsellor, the farmer, the historian researcher, the process that unfolds for us that we relay to you, we truly believe that you have this in you. We want you to believe in you, too.

Another vehicle to take you to your highest most inner tranquil self is another ancient form of energy movement, Reiki. Reiki is connecting with the energy that the universe or god conciousness (or whatever you consider your Source to be) is and bringing it down to our earthly being for replenishment and chakra washing. The power of Reiki that is released via a Reiki Master will fill you up with so much positive that the negative has no where to go... but out! Reiki energy is pure and only positive results occur and can be used to help physical healings, too. As a recipient of Reiki you may literally feel the positive filling your solar being up and a physical release will follow... you know that all-loving Woooosh... of strength that you are meant to be right here, right now.

Spiritual healing occurs daily, each moment we love someone or something, or be happy with our reflection, we are lightening our load and letting a community in the sky drive for us (it can be as gentle as abosolutely loving your body in jeans or the taste of your morning tea). It's completely okay to feel a part of this community and that you deserve to adore and interact with the flow of life (not against). Most healing modalities are non denominational. I encourage you to find your local metaphysical store and start your journey... above mentioned are only a few methods of thousands of healing and well being modalities and some of us ... well, we are here on earth simply to show this to you and when you find your connection, not only will your spiritually heal, you will spiritually grow and nothing could be finer.