Saturday, December 3, 2016


Hello! I have moved to Vancouver Island.
I will have my Mama Shango Oracle cards available for purchase soon!

I am available for voice over work, including making you a
personalized ten minute meditation. $25

Readings are now via FB messenger, skype or
phone call. The cost is $60 for 20 minutes.

Monday, May 18, 2015

20 Minutes $100

Tarot reading is an incredible spiritual practice and I am grateful to be a sensitive chosen in this Universe (I was born with this and have spent my life interpreting the mystic for others). Having said this, I can no longer do readings that are heavy - or - bring too much negative to light. This is entertainment, a form of divination that IS ONLY ONE PATH of many. My fee is $100 for 20 minutes. I no longer shuffle Angel reads, I shuffle what my Infinite summons for the answers you need (this may be one of the following: drumming/cards/drawing/staring into your eyes).

Please attend your reading with a light heart knowing ultimately, there are many lesson plans available for you, not just what my reading offers. You do what's best for you and the term I use always, "resonates". Some days I connect with departed loved ones and some days, I do not. I am only a reader - I am not the one causing disturbances in your life and when you leave my home, you must take your energy with you - be responsible.

I do so love doing this.

Know that.


Mama Shango

Thursday, October 30, 2014


This is Creepy Ruby.  I channeled her in with water-colour paints.  My personal drawing of your current spirit guide: $200.

Friday, December 6, 2013

PRICES effective January 1, 2015

Psychic Reads - $75 for thirty minutes

Shamanic Drumming to lower/upper - $50 for thirty minutes
Medium Connection with Departed Loved Ones - $50 for ten minutes

Personal Channeled Poem - $75
Personal Art Spirit Guide Painting - $200
Hot Stone Therapy- $50 
Reiki Teaching – call for pricing - currently not taking new students
Yoga on Demand - $30 for sixty minutes
Sacred Self Ceremonies - $25

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

quality of self

I can feel that the currents of my relationship with (insert another person's name here) need to change.  Instead of saying that YOU need to change or that the other person needs to change, how about you ask that the frequency or currents between you two, the force that connects the two of you, change.  You don't enforce change by changing yourself but you can sense that the currents need to shift or lift.  You can feel deep down that your contribution in this magical life is how spectacular a solution you can find and that cooperates to make the end result, beautiful.  Your contribution is the quality (or the currents/frequency) changing.  Harmony occurs when you are the cosmos and the cosmos is you.  This completely lifts the pressure off of each of you and allows the Infinite to do its thing creating LOVE to flow.   Read this a few times and then take your mind to your divine place of quietness and ask your Infinite to shift the frequency between you and someone you are experiencing life with.